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Thread: DVD drives don't work

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    DVD drives don't work


    I'm hoping someone can help me. I bought an HP laptop about 6 months ago that's running on a 64bit vista platform. Since I've had it, the internal DVD rom drive hasn't worked properly to play DVDs or CDs. At first I thought it was a defective drive but I have since purchased another external USB DVD drive and I'm having the same problems so I'm thinking its something in the software or drivers.

    First, it works sometimes just fine, sometimes it doesn't recognize anything, and sometimes it works while skipping at a snails pace that makes using it virtually impossible (Skipping and very slow sound and picture)

    I first noticed that when I would try to use Itunes to rip a cd, it would only sometimes recognize that there was even a disc in the drive. However, everytime Itunes issues an update and reinstalls, it suddenly and only for a limited time will start to recognize, play and rip CDs.

    Then I got a DVD series and it played the first disc fine but failed to recognize disc two. When going back to disc one to test it, it no longer recognized that either.

    I've also noticed that it seems to work better when I use Windows Media Center versus windows media player.

    So still hoping it was the drive I purchased an external drive. It periodically tells me it doesn't recognize the frive but when I replug it it seems to find it again. However, no I'm having the same problems no matter which drive I use. Now I just have the added frustration of it recognizing the media but isn't able to read it fast enough to actually watch the DVD. You just hear it spinning and it keeps that intermitant disc buzzing noise as if its stuck trying over and over again trying to read the same thing.

    Does anyone have any idea what this could be or how I can fix it. I just want to be able to rip my CDs and watch a freakin DVD here and there.


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    Re: DVD drives don't work

    All right first you try your external USB DVD drive on another computer and verify if it is working fine..if same problem occurs,it may be because of some internal damage, you can try an clean up disc which is available in market to clean your laser reader,else may be your laser reader having problems,some times you must need to replace it if you are running under warranty approach your dealer

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    Re: DVD drives don't work


    Thank you for the reply.

    While I haven't tried it in another computer I can tell you that most DVDs I've tried are brand new. Thats actually why I got the drive. I don't own a television but I had several new DVDs that I wasn't able to reliably watch due to my tempermental drive. Last night when I wrote the above I was trying it in Media Center and it would read it but slowly. This was in some sort of a pop up screen separate from the actual Media Center console. When I tried to open it in the Media Center Console, magic once again happened and it worked. Its not the media and its not the hardware. This leaves the software. Any ideas?

    Unfortunately, my dealer was Circuit City so not much chance of getting help from them.

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