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Thread: Home made infrared night vision

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    Home made infrared night vision

    can any one help me to create customize homemade infrared night vision i have heard that infrared night vision can be create with goggles or binoculars or camera ,is that possible ?so please help me ..
    thank you.

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    Re: Home made infrared night vision

    This is a how you can make your very own,Home made infrared night vision for that you need A camera and Some negatives check this video tutorial

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    Re: Home made infrared night vision

    Home made infrared night vision

    • First pick up a pair of welding Goggles.
    • You will need theatrical lighting gel is called "Congo Blue" a specific type of blue gel.
    • The second lighting gel is "Primary Red". The LEE number is 106 and the Rosco number is 27.
    • Unscrew the lens assembly for each eyepiece and remove the green welding gel, leaving only the clear gel. This will reinforce the blue and red gels you will be installing. …
    • Take 4 blue gels and insert them in the eyepiece assemblies and then screw them back on to your new IR-Goggles. Now, wait for a very bright sunny day and go outside!


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