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Thread: Speaker wire for sony avd-k800p

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    Speaker wire for sony avd-k800p

    hi ,
    i have got old sony avd-k800p player which is working fine sometimes but sometime P is flashing in the display of the Audio/Video (A/V) receiveri also please help me to select Speaker wire for it .
    thank you

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    Re: Speaker wire for sony avd-k800p

    Because each of these steps represents a possible solution to this issue, check the A/V receiver status after completing each step.

    1. Check the speaker wires and speakers for proper connections.
    2. Reduce the volume level.
    3. IMPORTANT: If the A/V receiver is used at maximum volume level, it may enter the PROTECT mode. Maximum volume listening will cause the A/V receiver to run very hot and may drain the output capacitors.
    4. Disable the surround sound option if both the A and B speakers are being used simultaneously.
    5. Ensure the top of the A/V receiver has proper ventilation to keep it from overheating.
    6. If the message only occurs when using a DVD player, the sampling frequency may be set too high.

    IMPORTANT: Some A/V receivers provide compatibility with the higher sampling frequencies through alternate connections. Consult the owners manual for specific information.

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    Re: Speaker wire for sony avd-k800p

    For this home theater player you can select AWG 24 and AWG 18 speaker cords other cords will not work for this. for more information regarding speaker cords, setting of sony avd-k800p see here

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