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Thread: Mirrored Drives for Windows XP

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    Mirrored Drives for Windows XP

    I have two 160GB hard disks. I wan't to create mirrored drives for Windows XP. When i go to the bios and select the Raid 1 [mirror]. everything goes well... but then it sees only one drive bootable. Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Mirrored Drives for Windows XP

    For creating a Raid1 mirrored drives, the two hard disk you are using must be from the same manufacturer and the model number should be same... If you have different model number's disk, then the mirror drives won't be created. All the best!

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    Re: Mirrored Drives for Windows XP

    I have 160GB SATA hard disks. Both from seagate and both are of same model, the difference is the old one was brought almost six months back and the new one is 15 months old... There is no other difference... How do i make this work. Once i succeeded but the PC won't boot from the secondary drive. That is why i started from scrap and now its all screwed up... Help!!

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    Re: Mirrored Drives for Windows XP

    I have a doubt in your setup. If both the drives are of the same manufacturer and same model, then only one thing can be the problem. The firmware. Even the firmware version must be same.

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