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Thread: How to hook two computers together

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    How to hook two computers together

    every one i would like to transfer some files from a computer to my computer can i use a cable. I can make a data dvd but the other computer that I need the file on has a cdrw in it and can't read dvd rom's. so here is my question can i share the file from the dvd rom of the source computer to my destination computer via a cable? I have parallel cables ready for it .....

    thanks in advance for reply...

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    re: How to hook two computers together

    yupiee... obviously you can share..with not much big effort just right click the dvd drive that you want to share and allow file sharing,if you connected to both pc's that's all,
    what do you want to share on DVD drive,if you have just software and file that the remote system does not need special software.....
    good for you

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    re: How to hook two computers together

    Yes you are free to do this with out any major issue,
    first you need to network with parallel connections,with the aide of cable.cross-over Ethernet cable is superb for this purpose,but make sure that both computers have Ethernet adapters,now you can share any folder in this network all you want to do is that just enable the file sharing for what you want to share

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    re: How to hook two computers together

    yeah by making a network connection via wires..also this mode of file transferring is so fast..
    it says we get 100 mbps...but no one ever achieved this much transfer rate how ever,as far as my belief...
    but it is easier than another mode of file transfer

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