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Thread: Dell computer flashing orange light

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    Dell computer flashing orange light

    My Dell Dimension 5000 will not start. The light orange (the power button) blinks!

    I changed the power supply cable, open the bug, removing the dust, disassembled and reassembled the memory, checked the connections, nothing happens.

    Someone would have a great idea on the matter.

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    Re: Dell computer flashing orange light

    Probably a problem of Powersupply.

    Should see (if possible) try another Powersupply and if not what brand of powersupply are you using and what's your configuration!

    The motherboards at the DELL things have a special form - which do not correspond to the ATX standard. Upgrading of a board is not possible ...

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    Re: Dell computer flashing orange light

    I have reset and several unsuccessful attempts.

    All attempts fail.

    - Unplug all the connectors on the motherboard and reconnect. "

    Disconnected and then reconnected Connectors:

    In one case, was the main power supply connector.
    In the second mini was the CPU fan connector
    In the third it was the connector 2 yellow / 2 black

    The importance of the cooling system can not verify if it is a cold junction (!) Or a faulty connector contact without any disassembly.

    Unless it is a weakness of the food that does not restart all bleeders emptied.

    Of course, the above tests were performed on the machine, without any connection to cables or external peripherals.

    Someone would have had the same problem?
    Or have an idea?

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