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Thread: Westell 2200 DSL Router Specification

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    Westell 2200 DSL Router Specification

    The Westell Dual Connect NAT Router adds reliable, high-speed, Internet access to your existing home or office phone line. Your ADSL connection is always-on ending the hassles of dial-up modems and busy signals. Installation is easy ... no tools ... no headaches. Simply connect the hardware, apply power, and perform the simple software configuration for your Dual Connect NAT Router.

    This Router is capable of data rates hundreds of times faster than a traditional analog modem. But unlike analog modems, Westell Dual Connect NAT Router allows you to use the same phone line for simultaneous voice/fax communications and high-speed Internet access, eliminating the need for dedicated phone lines for voice and data needs. The Plug and Play feature means that no user configuration is required. Dynamic Multi-Hybrid (DMHTM) Technology Westell has combined its powerful high-performance modem with innovative Dynamic Multi-Hybrid (DMHTM) Technology. This potent combination enables your modem to achieve the fastest possible speeds under varying loop and in-home wiring conditions. So now, whether you choose to network via USB or ethernet, you can always be sure DMH Technology will be providing you with the maximum DSL throughput available. The Westell 2200 is the ultimate low cost solution for a multi-user residential or small business networks. Like all of Westell's WireSpeed products, the WireSpeed 2200 ADSL Dual Connect NAT Router is easy to install and can be configured in a matter of minutes using any standard Web browser. It is software upgradeable for maximum investment protection.

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    Re: Westell 2200 DSL Router Specification

    I just got Westell 2200 Modem/Router. Does any one anyone have any idea how to setup Westell 2200 router. I have network of 5 computer, i want to share the internet connect through Westell 2200 Modem/Router.Can someone provide a solution or make some suggestions?

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    Re: Westell 2200 DSL Router Specification

    Check this to install Westell 2200 DSL Router :

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