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Thread: Dell power jack malfunction

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    Dell power jack malfunction

    My old Dell Inspiron 1100 apparently had a problem with my power cable last week and replaced with a new one.again it wouldn't work either. Or so I doubt there's actually some sort of problem with the laptop jack. For a while today if I "wiggled" the cable around in the jack it would work sometimes, then stop working, now the cable isn't working at all.....
    What is the problem can i cure this??

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    Re: dell power jack malfunction

    it can happen some times due to
    1) DC power jack is fixed on the mother board not to the exoskeleton of the laptop. Therefore any shock to the power connector is directly transduce to the soldering between the power jack and the mother board.
    2) Joint between the power jack and mother board is highly oxidized and always ends up in un-clean solder. Even a small shock on the power jack makes the soldering connection cold.
    if the problem is because of this you can fix it by Fix the DC power jack on the outer case not on the mother board so that the soldering at the mother board is isolated from any external shock.

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    Re: dell power jack malfunction

    if you dn't have a sharp idea about the physical part of the laptops i suggest
    you to get the device to nearest service is better option i think...

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    Re: Dell power jack malfunction

    if you are interested to know more about the power problem
    and jack issues you can review this sites

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