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Thread: hdmi vs 7.1 analog

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    hdmi vs 7.1 analog

    I am bit of confused with the HDMI & 7.1 analog that which is better & what are the difference between them??? i want to use this for Blu-ray player. Is there anyone who can help me out with it...???

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    Re: hdmi vs. 7.1 analog

    There are four problems with analog:

    1. When a disc player to a receiver with analog cables with multi-channel is connected, the player must perform digital to analog decoding and the analog signal sent to the recipient. In this case, the calibration and basbeheersaanpassingen as speakers size and channel levels in player be done; s preparing menus or the receiver must bass for the 5.1, 6.1, or 7.1 ANALOGUE input. If the player calibration adjustments or the recipient no adjustments for analog input can perform bass management can not be performed.

    2. You are by supposing that digital-analogue circuits in the reader are as good as the receiving type/preamplifier.

    3. What about video? If your analogue audio and an older receiver / preamp, your only option for video s-video (no HD) or component.

    4. Convenience: 6 or 8 analogical cables plus 3 (component) or 1 cable (video) for the video, in opposition to one hour for all.

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    Re: hdmi vs. 7.1 analog

    The HDTV specification contains Dolby digital 5.1. "7.1" - Function of some receivers is e.g. " non--built-in functions as; Hall" , " Jazz" , "Church" , of DSP effects. The films are not on the DVD with the 2 specially side channels. There it is not part the standard, which offer to most DVD players used.

    I suspect that you have your recipient in out-board for the case; processor with 7.1 analogous terminations.

    Which sounds better. I suspect that it is not total. The 5.1, from a DVD player, are the same data through the HDMI wire or coaxial digital cable. Your recipient gets it to do s-7.1 conversion to an identical manner.

    My council: it uses cable HDMI. This maintains to audio entirety and video on every income so that your receiver in a position to managing the things. Can anyone Help me here...??

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