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Thread: How to install Audio output lines on a TV

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    How to install Audio output lines on a TV

    I am in very strange situation here, i have some audio clips with the video enabled with it, same as those file which we could use in our Ipod and all other palmtop system so my question is how to install Audio output lines on a TV.


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    Re: How to install Audio output lines on a TV

    Ensure atleast your audio input cables are not runing next to some ac lines. This card makes it possible for your computer to play video games and handle video and high-resolution graphics. Some computers have a chipset on the motherboard that handles graphics, others use a separate graphics card. Graphics using a dedicated video card tend to run faster and be sharper than integrated graphics.

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    Re: How to install Audio output lines on a TV

    1. Install your video capture card in a computer running
    2. Install the video capture drivers and applications that were bundled with your card - At this point, card must be working with the manufacturer drivers.
    3. Execute the BtSpy utility and follow each and every of the steps the program proposes.When BtSpy utility finishes, it has collected all the required information to create a custom card profile.
    4. Now save the profile in a safe place because you will need that profile when you install the new driver.

    for more steps go here:

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