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Thread: Analog audio issue in Denon AVR-2809

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    Analog audio issue in Denon AVR-2809

    I'm having a Denon AVR-2809 audio visual equipment. It was working fine previously, until it started to give me the problem. Now, my amp is unable to receive any signal from the connected blu ray player which has been plugged to my hd dvd player. It doesn't show me the speaker icons on the left of the display. It fails to analog audio signals. It doesn't translate an audio signal into electronic pulses. Can any body tell me that what can i do in order to resolve the above issue? Kindly provide me the correct solution for the above issue. Any kind of help on the above issue would be appreciated.

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    Re: Analog audio issue in Denon AVR-2809

    Check out whether the wires are properly plugged to your hd dvd player. Also check out whether you getting the proper current flow for your Denon AVR-2809. It might be possible that due to fluctuating power supply you are not able to get proper analog audio for your Denon AVR-2809 equipment.

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    Re: Analog audio issue in Denon AVR-2809

    I think the best way to resolve your problem is to unplugged all the cables and then try to plug in back on your Denon AVR-2809 equipment. Insert the cables in their proper socket and then try to play it and check out whether you still face the Analog audio issue with your Denon AVR-2809 equipment.

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