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Lenovo Laptop Bios Update

Hardware Peripherals

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Old 20-05-2009
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Lenovo Laptop Bios Update

Hello everyone..im sorry if i posted my question in the wrong thread because i cannot seem to find the right tread for these.

i am having a hard time flashing my bios. i do not have a floppy drive and im using a usb flash drive. i dont know if this is a valid way in doing it. please brighten me up if i am doing the correct way.

first thing i did was to make my usb bootable. after that i downloaded the BIOS update from LENOVO. i am using a laptop thinkpad T43. the bios update was a diskette type of installation. i downloadded also a virtual floppy drive image. i extracted the downloaded bios to the drive A: and copied it to my USB flash drive. i am just confused because somebody told me to use win98 bootdisk. i tried that and saved the win98 bootdisk to mu USB and there were the same files from the bios extracted update and the win98 bootdisk like COMMAND.COM, AUTOEXEC.BAT, CONFIG.SYS...but if i put a check mark in the hide portected operating system file, those file types will disaappear.

i just dont know how to do it. hope anyone could help me. i will appreciate any suggestion and help. thanks

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Old 21-05-2009
Join Date: May 2006
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re: Lenovo Laptop Bios Update

What version BIOS do you have and what version is Lenovo/IBM offering?
Question 2. What's not working and what is the problem that you are facing?
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Old 21-05-2009
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Re: Lenovo Laptop Bios Update

What operating system you are running on your computer system, am not sure about that installing win98 bootdisk is really worth doing but are you able to do the rollback of your system if it is not necessary.. and what Bios version are you running on your Lenovo laptop.
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Old 21-05-2009
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Re: Lenovo Laptop Bios Update

To flash your BIOS of your laptop do the below steps. It is quiet easy and you will not need any floppy drive or usb flash drive. First download the following two files :
  1. ThinkPad BIOS Update Utility.
  2. README for ThinkPad BIOS Update Utility.
The above program supports Lenovo Think Pad T43, T43p. Windows 2000, Windows NT and Windows XP.
  1. First you will need to take care that your laptop is fully charged or connected to a power switch via AC adapter. Because once the bios update uitility runs it cannot be interrupted. Very important charge your battery or connect your laptop to the power supply. Any how it must not go off during the procedure. This is a warning. Otherwise you mother board will affected and may required a replace. Always read the instruction carefully. A txt file is also attached with it. Read it first.
  2. Disconnect your laptop from any port replicator. Always turn off and disconnect.
  3. Disconnect any USB Flash drive or Diskette Drive or any other device. Always turn off and disconnect.
  4. Remove the Power on password before flashing BIOS.
Now we start :
  • Connect your laptop to a AC adapter Or in the power switch.
  • Log in as a administrator in windows
  • Go to C: drive or you default window drive and make a new folder. Name it Temp. Eg. C:\Temp
  • Download the ThinkPad BIOS updated uitility tool and store it the Temp Folder.
  • Go to Start Menu on the desktop. Click on Run
  • In the Run dialog box give the full path to the ThinkPad BIOS updated uitility tool. Eg. C:\Temp\1yuj18us.exe and press the Enter key or Click on OK
  • *Important : If you want a unattended updated then enter ( C:\Temp\1yuj18us.exe -s -a -s ) The BIOS update will run without any user interaction.
  • Now follow the instructions on the screen. Windows will shut down automatically and a ThinPad Bios Utility Updated window will appear
  • Choose Read this first form the menu and read the information carefully.
  • Pree Esc key from keyboard and return to menu.
  • Now select the Update system Program and follow the instructions.
  • After the update the windows will shutdown
  • Now turn on the system.
  • Now initialize the BIOS. Restart your laptop. Press the Blue Access IBM button and select Access IBM button.
  • Select on Start setup utility.
  • Press F9. > Select Yes.
  • Press F10. > Select Yes.
The system will restart automatically.
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