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Thread: How to scan multiple pages into one pdf file

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    How to scan multiple pages into one pdf file

    When i scan multiple pages on a signal pdf file, there is only first page scanned is in view . I need to scan each page separately, save, and attach individually ! When i open the one attachment it should have all the documents which i send via my printer . I am using adobe reader and have a brother 7820 printer

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    Re: How to scan multiple pages into one pdf file

    You can use A-PDF Image to PDF (free download here) to scan multiple pages into one pdf file files with only 2 steps:

    1. Click the "Scan paper" icon to select scanner
    2. Click the "Build to One PDF" icon to create a new PDF document contains all of the scanned papers.

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    Re: How to scan multiple pages into one pdf file

    There are many software available for downloading and many are free . You can use PDFill PDF Tools or pdf creator .

    After you install it the program, there will be a PDF in the printer selections.
    Select the print and then the PDF print to file option in your printer options. Now you print the first file to a file which you create and save it as a PDF . Then choose subsequent files you need ,, then append it to a existing pdf file the select the files you create

    Take the file and see that both of the scans are in PDF and make them in order you like . If all goes well the follow the same procedure with all scan and they will ending in same PDF file .

    This ia a great way to save webpages in one single file

    hope that helps!

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    Re: How to scan multiple pages into one pdf file

    This solution applies to the Brother MFC-9700 but probably works with all Brother printers that come with the Paperport software.

    First the problem: You want to scan multiple pages from your Brother multi-fuction printer (MFC) to your PC using the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) tray but when you try to scan the pages as a stack all the pages go through but only one page scans to your PC (either the first page or the last one depending which application you try to scan to). Bummer.

    In my case, I'm a real estate investor and I often get 10-15 page PDF contracts sent to me by email to print, sign and fax back. If only I could scan all the pages after I signed them how nice it would be I thought. I would be able to keep a copy on my computer and email all of the contract pages as one PDF file back to the source. Well, after some experimenting I figured out how to do it!

    Here's the steps (It's really easy but I'll be detailed so as to not confuse anyone)

    First, place your stack of documents face-up in the ADF tray just as you would do when you're about to to fax them.
    Next, start the Scansoft Paperport application that came with the printer from the >start >programs menu and click the Paperport icon (not the pageviewer icon). The Paperport program window will open. Click the scan button on the toolbar and you'll see another window box that has a drop-down box which should say the name of your printer. Mine says WIA-Brother MFC-9700. Under that there's another box that says "Scan What?" and gives you the choice of "document" or "picture." I leave it set to document since I'm scanning contracts. If all is correct, click on the "scan" button in the window. A settings box now opens up with a few options. It's important that you tweak your image from here or it will come out crappy (distorted) and smaller than the original. I select >custom then click the blue link that says "adjust the quality of the scanned picture." From there I set the brightness slider to where the sample text looks dark and filled in - for me that's about -40 on the slider scale. I also set the DPI (dots per inch) resoultion to 600. The more dots per inch, the crisper the image looks. Finally, don't forget to set the page size to "letter" or "legal" depending what you have from the dropdown box at the bottom of the window (it may be on the window before). Click "Scan."
    All of your pages will now be scanned into the Paperport application as one file that you can do lots of things to with the Paperport tools. For me all that's left is to right click the file and convert it to PDF by sending it to my PDF converter printer. My PDF converter application (PrimoPDF - its a free app) prompts me for which folder to put it in and what to name the file then I'm all set. When I open the PDF file all the pages are there with my signature on them and they look great! Now I can attach it to an email and send it off to wherever it needs to go. Of course you don't need to convert it to a PDF if you don't need to. Paperport can turn it into a Word, Exel or other type of file. There's lots of options I haven't explored. I gotta say, I love my MFC-9700. Had it for years and it does everything and more than I ever need!

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