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Thread: Seagate 500gb momentus 7200 RPM

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    Seagate 500gb momentus 7200 RPM

    The Seagate Momentus 7200.4 drive delivers the highest available laptop hard drive capacity while satisfying today’s need for desktop performance in a notebook computer. System builders can count on extending the life of their 7200-RPM laptops by eliminating the need to replace or upgrade due to performance obsolescence issues. All this without sacrificing battery life, because these new 7200-RPM drives draw only slightly more power than a 5400-RPM laptop drive.When it comes to getting more time back in your day, nothing feels better than a well-performing laptop. Our Momentus 7200-RPM drives can give precious moments back when you really need them. In fact, Seagate 7200-RPM drives can shut your system down 34 percent faster, and opening big files can be up to 30 seconds faster than a 5400-RPM drive can manage.

    G-Force Protection

    Additionally, the Momentus 7200-RPM family comes with an optional G-Force Protection feature for hardcore road warriors or even aspiring warriors in need of extra robustness. The G-Force Protection feature provides enhanced data protection against shock that may occur while the drive is operating. This feature is designed to decrease the likelihood of data loss by detecting a freefall event and unloading the actuator before a shock takes place in falls of greater than 8 inches (nominal). The drive uses a drop sensor mounted on the printed circuit board assembly to sense this event and protect your data.

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    Re: Seagate 500gb momentus 7200 RPM

    Specifications of Momentus

    • Capacity (GB) : 500 and 250
    • Interface : SATA 3Gb/s NCQ
    • Cache (MB) : 16
    • Spindle Speed (RPM) : 7200
    • Shock, Operating: 2 ms (Gs) : 350
    • Shock, Nonoperating: 1 ms (Gs) : 1000
    • Acoustics, Idle : 2.3
    • Acoustics, Seek : 2.5
    • Operating Temperature (°C) : 0 to 60

    The jumper which you have installed will force the drive to operate in the 1.5Gb/s mode, which is needed on select notebooks like the Thinkpad T61p because the some older 1.5Gbits/sec SATA cards do not support auto negotiation with newer 3.0Gbits/sec drives. You may also get an error message “drive not detected” in this case try to place a two-pin jumper onto the two left pins of the jumper block and you won't get any error message.

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