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Thread: How do i reset Default Volume (Sound) in Windows Xp

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    How do i reset Default Volume (Sound) in Windows Xp

    I'm running Windows Xp as my operating system. The problem is that from last few days i'm getting too low WAVE sound at the start up. Then i have to go to the volume control program in order to increase the Wave sound level up to the highest one. But whenever i reboot my system it again resets the Wave sound to the lowest one. Can any body tell me that why i'm having such problem on my system? What can i do in order to get rid of the above issue? Kindly provide me the correct logical solution for the above issue.


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    Re: How do i reset Default Volume (Sound) in Windows Xp

    I think the Default and Current key Names might be missing on your Registry:HKEY_CURRENT_USER\AppEvents\Schemes\Apps\.Default Check out and edit your registry edit if missing on your system.

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    Re: How do i reset Default Volume (Sound) in Windows Xp

    Go to your computer manufactures web site and search for updated sound driver software. Read the instructions on the download pages carefully
    before installing it on your pc. If there are no updated sound drivers available, use Microsoft's Windows Update features.

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    Re: How do i reset Default Volume (Sound) in Windows Xp

    Go to your Start Menu,then select Run and then type mmsys.cpl and/or control mmsys.cpl and/or control mmsys.cpl,,1 (to open Sounds and Audio Devices Properties, like from the Control Panel does.) After that click on Speaker settings and select Speaker Volume. Ther you can change however you want them and the click on Restore Defaults.

    Hope so it may resolve yoru problem.

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    Re: How do i reset Default Volume (Sound) in Windows Xp

    more a question than reply; I recently got two 'Polk' speakers and the volume was very low. In messing around trying to increase the volume, I find that the sound frequency is now higher; when I play a CD or listen to internet music or a 'You Tube' video, it sounds like the person is a soprano! I've reset the sound card, restored 'sounds' to 'windows default' and can't seem to fix this. Any thoughts / ideas?

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    Re: How do i reset Default Volume (Sound) in Windows Xp

    You seem to have tried out the require solution but then just to be sure and if it is possible then you can you check out playing the same speaker on some other machine having the same os and the setting that you have used to find out if it is making any difference or not.

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