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Thread: NZXT launches Beta steel mid-tower case

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    NZXT launches Beta steel mid-tower case

    NZXT announces the BETA, a mid-tower steel case that delivers gamers a chassis designed for tremendous value without sacrificing performance. Built for maximum expandability, BETA expansive jet black interior provides ample room for 4 external 5.25" drives, 5 HDD racks, and fits large 10.5" performance graphics cards. NZXT continues their expertise in effective cooling by offering BETA users expanded cooling that directly cools video cards and CPU with 4 120mm fans(1 front, 1 rear, and 2 side) and a meshed front panel that improves airflow. The front 120mm fan can fit thicker fans like the Scythe Ultra Kaze that can help maximize airflow. Additional features like screwless installation for 5.25" drives/hard drives and top mounted USB/Audio enhance ease of installation and convenience for gamers.

    The design is reminiscent of the front at first glance to a gladiator helmet with curved forward protection for the chin and lower face area. This impression arises because the outer ridges, to the bottom of a broad. Also, the overall round shape of the front (especially from the top view) reinforces this association. Even the blue backlit controls were perfectly integrated into the design process.

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    Re: NZXT launches Beta steel mid-tower case

    This is the beta of outstanding housing rather austere exterior, and the most prevalent form of this box price class. This design does not intrusive nor rugged, but coherent and concise, with no practical value to lose sight of.

    For example, the ventilation a central focus of the design of the Beta. According to numerous openings, holes. At the front, this concerns both the 5.25 "bezels for the optical drives, which were manufactured from mesh and a bottom-up with a 120mm fan sitting before guards. This is also a subtle blue lighting, so that the fan next to the front of the better optics and the hardware installed in the interior scene.

    In addition, the left side part two installation options for 120mm fan and also at the back there is another slot, so that a total of four 12cm fans for a high Airflow and can provide maximum cooling. In addition to these active ventilation facilities, the beta several openings for air circulation - the aforementioned front , a ventilation grid in addition to the slot and the PCI-aperture itself, which were manufactured from mesh.

    The interior is first with a completely black finish - a design characteristic that so far only in the higher price segment is encountered. This prevents non-painted metal surfaces of the inner structure through openings from the outside could be seen.

    More importantly, however, the practical inner structure of the beta. Five hard drives or SSDs can be found in the 3.5 inch square shaft, in addition to the site was shot and thus a quick and easy assembly allowed. This also contributed to mounting rails and fasteners for quick drive slots at all - tool is therefore not required. The power supply will be installed above, with virtually no limit to the depth there - perfect for high-performance models.

    The Mainboardtray has several openings. These enable a hidden transfer of the cable behind it, which in addition to the tidy appearance of a well optimized airflow to come good. At the back were openings for carrying out the hose fitting. These allow the connection of an external water cooling system or external parts of an internal(radiator, reservoir, etc.).

    In the front area of the lid has been an I / O panel installed. This is in addition to the mandatory audio and USB ports and an access for eSATA, so that external hard drives with high data transfer rates can be linked.

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    Re: NZXT launches Beta steel mid-tower case

    Specification of NZXT Beta steel mid-tower case

    1. MODEL : Beta Series
    2. CASE TYPE : Mid Tower Steel
    4. DIMENSIONS (W x H x D) : 200 X 430 X 501 mm

      • FRONT, 1 X 120mm Blue LED (included)
      • REAR, 1 X 120mm
      • SIDE, 2 x 120mm


      • 9 DRIVE BAYS
      • 4 EXTERNAL 5.25" DRIVE BAYS
      • 5 INTERNAL 3.5" DRIVE BAYS
      • Screwless Rail Design

    7. MATERIAL : Steel with black finish
    9. POWER SUPPLY : 500 WATT PS2 ATX 12V 2.0 ( OPTIONAL )
    10. WEIGHT : 7.28 KGS (W/O Power)

    Features of NZXT Beta steel mid-tower case

    1. Fits ATX standard motherboards and power supplies
    2. Fits large 10.5 performance graphics cards
    3. Expanded cooling directly cools video cards and CPU
    4. Screwless installation for hard drives and external 5.25" drives
    5. Black internal finish for sleek look
    6. Meshed front panel allows for better airflow than traditional cases
    7. Top mounted USB/Audio for convenient usage

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