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Thread: TV out feature

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    TV out feature

    I want to use tv out feature on my CPU so that I can watch movies on my TV using the computers drive.
    I am having an intel dual core 2.5 ghz on an intel dg31pr motherboard.
    I have a pinnacle tv tuner card with S video.
    How to go for it

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    Re: TV out feature

    first your tv need audio/video port .then you need this wire (s video to av ) .

    make connection with it. then with pinnacle tv software you can transfer display on tv. put tv in av mode .

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    Re: TV out feature

    But won't that display only the TV and not the movie playing on a DVD drive

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    Re: TV out feature

    Well you will be disappointed with this... TV tuner's S-Video [also known as Composite] is an input port. To connect your computer to the TV you will need a graphics card which has S-Video Out. TV-Tuner allows you to view TV on your computer...! Once you have a graphics card with S-Video Out, get a 2-RC S-Video Cable. This will connect to your Graphics card on the s-video port. There will be two similar output from the cable. You will need a connector which will combine the two different cable to give one output which will be connected to Video connector on TV. All the best...!

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