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Thread: Realtek Audio Configuration Manager Settings

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    Realtek Audio Configuration Manager Settings

    Hello ,

    I Have Recently bought some new headphones and wanted to know what the best setting to use in the Realtek audio manager to take better quality sound. I have a Windows Vista System With 2 gb Ram and 2.66 ghz Processer please help me Thanks in advance for Your Solution

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    Re: Realtek Audio Configuration Manager Settings

    Hello , Personally I leave mine on 'normal' or 'default' I don't like the sounds for the other schemes. The sound quality is good, its need some configuration within the RealTek software. Set the Environment option to Carpeted Hallway. And if you want even more quality, set the Equalizer to Soft (as in Soft Rock)

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    Re: Realtek Audio Configuration Manager Settings

    Hello , presets are pretty much hit or miss. This is because they are just meant for the casual listener to try and maybe they'll land on a preset they like. If this is about the level of audio quality you care about, then stop here. However, if you're an audiophile, know presets never work because no one's audio setup is the same. for example, "carpeted room" will produce a different sound for a small living room vs a large one. To really configure a good EQ, you have to use a reference sample and manually adjust the EQ yourself. Think about what you will mostly be listening to, and find a good song that you are really familiar with and know how it's supposed to sound. For example, if you like rock, Sweet Child O' Mine is a good reference piece. It has clear highs and lows among other things. If you are going to be listening to a wide variety of things, find a classical orchestral piece. Whatever you choose, play it on your system and try to imagine how a live performance would sound. Does it sound like there's not enough bass? or does it sound like there's too much? Adjust the low frequencies. Does the guitar solo/violin solo/singer sound muffled, like they are behind a thin wall? adjust the mid/high frequencies. The trick is doing this at normal volumes. then turn up the volume after you make the adjustments. If the song you're listening to suddenly begins to sound more "live" then you're headed in the right direction.

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    Re: Realtek Audio Configuration Manager Settings

    hello , Personally normal phones for the creative sterio always used 2.1, I never liked the sound quality of the profile "headphones" of the sound options If the phones have support for more ways you can choose the control panel of the card's software corresponding ways, I think it is only that, if wrong correct me

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