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Thread: How to Remove the device in safety

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    How to Remove the device in safety

    When I connect a HDD into a external USB I can not safely remove by clicking the "left" on the icon in question. I have a windows message saying that I can not do. But if I click "right", I open a window and I stop my DD px.
    Then I realize that in the device manager I have a yellow question mark on the "mass storage device".
    If I uninstall it it is reinstalled correctly to restart windows but the problem come back if I stop vx again my device.
    I did not have that concern before.
    How can I solve this problem of course start a full restoration of the PC.

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    Re: How to Remove the device in safety

    Without removing your external hard drive, go into Device Manager and tell us if there's something that appears with the famous yellow triangle.

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    Re: How to Remove the device in safety

    I opened all the sections and NO does triangle or yellow question mark when you start windows.
    I repeat the operation with external HDD it does not always.
    I get the message: can not stop the device "generic volume"
    I have to click "right", the I a message telling me that I remove the device, but I have a "yellow exclamation on the device mass.
    In checking the properties I get the message below:

    "Windows can not use this hardware device because it was prepared for a controlled ejection, but was not removed from the computer. (Code 47)".

    when I reboot the PC the yellow has disappeared.

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