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Thread: Jack has been unplugged-RealTek Sound Problem

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    Jack has been unplugged-RealTek Sound Problem

    Hello Friends!

    I have problem with my Headphones,When I plugged my headphones to the front panel jack, i didn't hear anything, no voice comes out of it, on the right hand side bottom i have Realtek HD Audio Manager when i checked for the settings it shows everything fine, but still there is no voice, But when i unplugged headphones it gives an pop up saying "Jack has been unplugged" i don't understand which Jack it is suggesting about.please help.


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    Re: Jack has been unplugged-RealTek Sound Problem

    It sounds to me like you're sound card is "auto-sensing" when things are plugged in or out, and it's displaying the notification. I'd suggest going into your audio manager program if you have one running, and looking for an option in there that will allow you to disable auto-sensing (or something similar). On my system, that means right-clicking on the Realtek HD Audio Manager icon in my system tray. It will most likely be different for your setup, but similar in general.

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    Re: Jack has been unplugged-RealTek Sound Problem

    Sounds like a sound card is detecting that one of the jacks states have altered. I get a message like this when I plug in headphones top the front socket.

    Try unplugging anything attached to the front and back sound ports, get the plugs a clean then plugging them back in. You might have a loose connection.

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    Re: Jack has been unplugged-RealTek Sound Problem

    "in sound options you have tou disable front pannel jack detection"

    Can you explain this more clearly? Where is this Sound Options you are referring to?

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