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Thread: Problem with Ctrl+R Key

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    sad Problem with Ctrl+R Key

    Hello Friends,

    I would like to know that which is the alternate option for Ctrl+R Key. Some how my Ctrl+R Key seems to be not working on my keyboard. I don't know but it's not working anymore. Can any body tell me what can i do to get back to work or which is the alternate option which can replace my Ctrl+R Key? Does any body knows any thing about this issue? Kindly help me out to resolve the above issue.


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    Re: Problem with Ctrl+R Key

    It is probably broken. You should have exchanged it the first time you noticed the problem. Test another keyboard on the machine, test the 'broken' keyboard on another machines.

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    Re: Problem with Ctrl+R Key

    Ctrl-R is, according to the message in the lower right corner, a sequence key, expecting another key to be pressed to complete the sequence, just like Alt-Shift-X, Q executes a configured Ant build.xml file. It seems to be bound to Create Crosstab for the sequence Ctrl-R, C. That is not the Default configuration (at least not with my default install of ME 6.5), which only lists Ctrl-R for 'Run to Line' when 'Debugging' is active.

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    Re: Problem with Ctrl+R Key

    KKeySequenceWidget is this small widget most of you will know. With kde 4.1 it had some shortcomings. The developer / code was able to use shortcuts like "ctrl-r, ctrl-t" or "ctrl-r, shift-t. The user was unable to assign these because KKeySequenceWidget couldn't handle them.

    When capturing shortcuts it only allowed pressing one or more modifiers and then sequentially some keys. If one modifier was released the capturing stopped immediately. A modifier is one of shift, meta, alt or ctrl. Even if you had to hold down the modifier(s) all the time during the capturing, the resulting shortcut only had the modifier(s) on the first key. After for example pressing ctrl-r, ctrl-s while capturing, the resulting shortcut was ctrl-r, s. So you had to release ctrl before pressing s. It was not possible to switch modifier during the capturing.

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