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Thread: USB Port - ASUS P5Q - Coming and Going

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    USB Port - ASUS P5Q - Coming and Going

    I got a brand new PC with the following config. USB are coming and going. Sometimes I turn on and the Keyboard does not work. Sometimes it is the Mouse. I just unplug and plug it again and it comes to life again. I have formated and re-instaled all drivers. But still sometimes it happens. Is it hardware ??? Do not know what to do !?!??!

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    Re: USB Port - ASUS P5Q - Comming and Going

    Have you checked in the BIOS that external USB support feature is enabled or not?

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    Re: USB Port - ASUS P5Q - Comming and Going

    I guess its your motherboard that is faulty... As its a new computer, get your motherboard replaced... Make use of the warranty...! All the best...!

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    Re: USB Port - ASUS P5Q - Comming and Going

    I hope the jack of the connectors are loose try showing the vendor...

    I hope its uder warranty so show it to the vendor you have bought this mobo from.


    Maybe due to earthing it may cost sometimes.

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