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Thread: Unable to clean (Error 46) Printer Cleaning Error

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    Unable to clean (Error 46) Printer Cleaning Error


    Today, My printer Brother DCP 115C Brother displays the following message: Cleaning impossible After Whenever I try To Do any task with my printer Like I can not scan or print, or photocopy! Someone would know what I should do?? Thank you all for your suggestion

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    Re: Printer Cleaning Error

    Check for foreign objects, such as a clip or ripped paper, inside the machine.Open the scanner cover by pulling up on the lower right corner of the cover. Look inside the machine and remove any foreign objects. If you see jammed paper or another item inside this area, gently pull it out and then close the scanner cover securely.

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    Re: Printer Cleaning Error

    hello , If you Are Still Getting the error message, the machine will need to be reset. Disconnect the machine from the power source for several minutes then reconnect it. If the message continues to appear on the LCD, contact Brother Customer Service

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    Re: Printer Cleaning Error

    You need a new ink absorber box which can be purchased from a brother service partner near your home.
    Search the brother homepage of your country: (choose your country)

    If you have got the spare part (ink absorber box) you have to open the printer:

    Do NOT clean the old one! It cant be cleaned: The felt wont take up ink anymore and will stain the machine from inside and the furniture beneath the printer.

    After replacing the eeprom of the printer needs reset:

    (dcp: use arrow-up and set key to choose the digits. e.g. arrow-up til 8 then set arrow up til 0 then set
    mfc: use the fax-number keys.
    Stop-button will always go back to maintenance, if you have done wrong)

    press menu then start bk-copy then fourtimes arrow up quickly after another.

    machine will switch to maintenance mode and light(s) will flash.

    press 8 0

    press start bk-copy until PURGE 64xx

    press 2 7 8 3

    Purgecount will be 0000

    Press stop

    press 9 9 to leave the maintenance mode.

    After the mfc/dcp comes up again in normal state the error has disappeared

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    Re: Printer Cleaning Error

    Hello , You can Try Resetting the Printer Here is the procedure to reset the printer.

    1. press the Menu & Mono start keys. next press the up arrow key 4 times to make the machine enter the maintenance mode.
    2. Enter 8 & 0 by using the up arrow key & SET keys.
    3. press the mono start key several times untill the purge count appears on the LCD.
    4. enter 2 7 8 & 3 by using the up arrow key & set keys to reset the purge count to zero
    5. press the stop/exit key to return to the initial stage of the maintanance mode.
    6. enter 9 twice by using the up arrow & set key's to exit from maintenance mode

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    Re: Unable to clean (Error 46) Printer Cleaning Error

    probable causes are 1. The machine has a mechanical problem and/or 2. A foreign objects such as paper clip or ripped paper is in the machine. Their solution is to “Open the scanner cover and remove any foreign objects inside the machine. If the error message continues, disconnect the machine from the power for several minutes and then reconnect it.” I followed the instructions and did a total clean over. I used q-tips, glass cleaner, cloth to remove the dust that could be interfering for the printer to work, apparently to no avail it still ain’t working.

    I googled it and finally I found the answer to my problem. All you need to do is to reset the purge counter. These steps worked in MFC620CN/420CN/410CN/210C/240C and FAX2440C model.

    To reset purge counter
    1. Enter machine maintenance mode (on MFC240C all four photo/copy/fax/scan lights flash in maintenance mode). Care is needed in maintenance mode, otherwise critical settings may be inadvertently corrupted.

      FAX models with numerical keypads: Press the Menu/Set, *, 2, 8, 6 and 4 keys within two seconds. (if you fail to complete the correct key sequence within two seconds, press the Stop key to try again).

      Other (non-FAX) models: Press the Menu/Set and Black Start keys. Next press the “up arrow” key four times to enter the maintenance mode).
    2. Press the 8 then 0 keys in the initial stage of the maintenance mode to call up the machine’s log information list (function code 80).
    3. Press the Black Start key several times to scroll through the log information list to reach the purge counter. The purge counter is the 25th item in the list.
    4. Press the 2, 7, 8, and 3 keys in this order to reset the purge count to zero.
    5. Press the Stop/Exit key to return to the initial stage of the maintenance mode.
    6. Press the 9 key twice to return to the standby state.

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    Re: Printer Cleaning Error

    Thankyou very much for posting this solution. Tried everything short of buying a new printer but this fixed the 'unable to clean' problem for me. Thanks.

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