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Thread: Razer mouse

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    Razer mouse

    I want to buy a Razer mouse, but which one should it be? I do not have the great experience with the mouse :/ so like anyone had some experience on it and can explain what the difference between them is?

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    Re: Razer mouse

    Deathadder would be an obvious choice IMO. In any case, I warmly recommend it

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    Re: Razer mouse

    Deathadder shown the big hit.

    Has had a Diamond Back I have been very happy with. Can not really imagine a better alternative to it. Yet I am with a long boom collectors edition right now because I do not feel that the money was thrown into it to be in vain. But its ergonomics are somewhat a compromise and it is unpleasant.

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    Re: Razer mouse

    I have had both Razer Diamond Back and now a DeathAdder. Would recommend the last-mentioned is better! And then on a QcK mat so run!

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    Re: Razer mouse

    I recommend you Deathaddder because I myself have used it in some time now and thought it was the best mouse I have had IMO. Also had krait but was not so happy with it because it is very small, would like one which is slightly larger in the hand. So very clear - Deathadder.

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