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Thread: Intel GMA X4500HD is no sound via HDMI

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    Intel GMA X4500HD is no sound via HDMI

    i Have FSC H22-1W TFT and get no sound from the speakers when I have a laptop with Intel GMA X4500HD connect.Did the laptop via HDMI to the TFT is connected, in order to better working conditions In addition, the analog audio cable from the laptop connected to the green jack on the TFT.

    Laptop is a Toshiba Portege M800 105,Vista Home Premium x86 with all updates. Soundcard is a Conexant High Definition Smart Audio 221.Both times had HDMI output as the primary source of sound, as well as the Conexant card.

    No matter what I RESTRICT, with or without the analog cable, I see only the Tonausschläge in the Windows mixer. This is always either on the Conexant card or the HDMI device, but nothing comes to TFT. TFT already voted on in the audio options tried everything: silent, normal, quite loudly, and as a source PC mode and Video mode. Someone have a hint? In VGA I can not test, because the laptop has HDMI ONLY.

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    Re: Intel GMA X4500HD is no sound via HDMI

    Does it ever sound via HDMI? What does the Monitor Asset Manager on the screen?

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    Re: Intel GMA X4500HD is no sound via HDMI

    I had the same problem,This was a frustrating problem because when I played local files on my hard drive both video and audio were working fine. It was only when I played a DVD that the audio was problematic. After attempting many different settings, I finally got one that played DVD audio.

    In Control Panel open Sound. Choose SPIDF as your default audio.Access SPIDF properties. (This can be done by right clicking the image in the sound control panel and choosing properties.)Once there, click on the Supported Format Tabs.Put a check in the Microsoft WMA Audio and deselct the other choices.Click on APPLY and then OK.

    You may have to reboot, though I immediately was able to hear audio.

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    Re: Intel GMA X4500HD is no sound via HDMI

    Standard Hybrid with HDMI and Intel video - Go to the "Sounds" control panel, Playback tab and set the device to "RealTek HDMI Output"

    It seems by default it's set to "RealTek Digital Output" which may or may not work with a direct connection to a TV (rather than a home theatre system)

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