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Thread: Windows 7 Hard drive Performance

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    Windows 7 Hard drive Performance

    I am return under Vista, not problem under seven .

    It was right to check a small detail, which in fact is very important for maintaining.

    In the Vista performances of my Hdd is noted 5.8 whereas under seven it has only 3.

    Can that come owing to the fact that under Vista it is a principal partition whereas under seven it is a logical partition?

    Would Hdd turn it less quickly in this configuration (logical)?

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    Re: Windows 7 Hard drive Performance

    Personally I have the same thing on both for the DD but in any event I do not attach importance to these figures.

    If the machine turns as well on an OS as on the other, I do not see what these figures can change.

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    Re: Windows 7 Hard drive Performance

    In your case, it seems that under seven the performances is higher than under Vista except the video, can be that the pilot does not exist. On the other hand all the other performances are quite higher or equal.

    Crete the figure are only figures, that leaves think that the method of calculating is undoubtedly different under seven, because the difference is significant all the same.

    There, I do not speak about/the behavior (S) of the machine. Simply calculated figures, I will make a capture.

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    Re: Windows 7 Hard drive Performance

    the fact that the partition is principal or logical can influence the performances of the disc!!!

    On the other hand if one of OS is at the beginning of disc and the other towards the end the performances of the disc change enormously, it is enough to pass HDTune or HDtach to realize it (falls the speed of transfer of almost 50%).

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