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Thread: Webcam microphone not working

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    Webcam microphone not working

    Hi all,
    I had many problems with my webcam in last few days. I solved it by myself. But now suddenly my webcam microphone stopped working. I don't know what happened. Can anybody suggest something to fix it?

    Any and all suggestions are welcome.

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    Re: Webcam microphone not working

    Try going to Control Panel\Sounds and Audio Devices or Voice tab and selecting your webcam mike as the default device in the drop downs.
    Also check your microphone, if it is muted, or the balances are not in the middle. To do this: Doubleclick the volume icon in the tray near the clock. Click Options and go to Properties. Under Playback, make sure all are ticked. Then, click on Recording, and make sure that they're all ticked, or at least the Microphone. Press OK.

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    Re: Webcam microphone not working

    Check the latest updates for drivers. Then Goto Start => Programs => Accessories => Entertainment => Sound Recorder and see if you can record your voice in it and have it play back.
    If it doesn't, then right click your My Computer icon, or click on go in 'My Computer' and click the link to the left (If Windows XP) System Properties. Go to the hardware tab and click on Device Manager. Check if there is any "Unknown" devices or yellow question marks.

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    Re: Webcam microphone not working

    If you are using Skype, check the Skype sound settings, you will discover that Skype settings for the Mic are completely the opposite to what is expected. Also check from the Volume icon's menu that Mic is made available in both Playback and Record panels' check boxes.
    Can also try increasing microphone volume and decreasing speaker volume.

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