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Thread: How to prevent printer paper jams

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    How to prevent printer paper jams

    Hello friends,

    I am using HP printer and its running fine till now. I use it for my office work and its too important to print all the documents whenever needed. I came across paper jamming in printer and it totally affects my work. So can anyone tell me how to prevent paper jams?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: How to prevent printer paper jams

    It is inevitable that you will encounter at least one paper jam during the life of your printer. Following the below steps can help prevent paper jams from occurring:
    • If your printer has a paper tray do not fill the tray to capacity. If you're encountering frequent paper jams reduce the amount of paper you place in the tray each time it is filled.
    • Make sure you or the tray feeding the paper into the printer is aligned properly and/or the slider used to hold the paper in place in the tray is snug with the paper.
    • Many printers have sliders that allow different types and sizes of paper to be fed into the printer. If the slider is not properly positioned it can cause paper jams.
    • Use standard office paper; folded paper, paper with labels, and specialty paper such as hard bound paper can often cause paper jams.
    • If you're uncertain with what type of paper you should use with your printer your printer documentation will list the types of paper compatible with your printer.
    • Do not mix the types of paper you're feeding into the printer at one time. If you need to change the type of paper or size of paper being used removed any other paper currently in the printer before inserting the new paper.
    • Examine the printer for any previous stuck paper in the printer. Previous paper jams, torn paper, printing labels or other foreign objects in the printer can cause reoccurring printer jams.

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    Re: How to prevent printer paper jams

    85% of paper jams are caused by worn rollers. The quick fix is to liven up rollers with a mixture of alcohol and soap. Dampen a rag with the solution and use it to wipe the rollers clean. However, different stylers of printers have different types of rollers. Check the following which applies to yous printer:
    Metal Tab Separation
    Pull out your paper tray and examine either end where the paper sits in. If any of the corners are held down by metal tabs, this is your paper feed system. Chances are, you only have one rubber roller or one set of rollers arranged along side of each other. Reach in where the tray goes and feel up. You should feel some rollers. They might be completely round, or they might be shaped like a half moon. Clean whichever part of them you can with the solution, and this should stop your paper jams. It might be necessary to turn them, but don't force them if they don't move freely.

    Pickup Roller and Separation Pad
    Pull out the paper tray (or remove the paper if it feeds through the top of the printer). If your printer uses this paper feed system, you should see a small piece of flat or slightly curved rubber or cork. It would be towards the end of the paper tray, or deep inside the paper loading cavity on top loaders. This 'separation pad' rubs against the paper feed roller, so if you find the pad, you've found the roller. Clean it and your jams should stop.

    Three Roller Paper Separation System
    Pull your paper tray out, and look for a roller on either end of it. If you find one, clean it. Then look inside the printer where that roller would rest with the paper tray inserted. You'll find another paper roller there. Clean this one also. Finally, look further back or closer to the front of your printer (depending on which way your paper feeds) to find another roller or set of rollers. Clean all of these, and your paper jams will go away.

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    Re: How to prevent printer paper jams

    To try and prevent paper jams, buy more high-quality paper. High-quality paper seems to keep printers from jamming up more than cheaper types of paper. If you give in and spend a little more money on better paper in the beginning, you might be saving yourself some money in printer repair.
    According to me paper loading and selection is the most important factor determining paper jams. Remember following points for paper loading and selection:
    1. Prior to placing the paper in the In tray, fan the paper. Fanning the paper will ensure that the pages are not stuck together.
    2. The pages should feed into the printer one page at a time.
    3. Add paper to the In tray only when the printer is not printing. Adding paper while printing can cause paper jams. Do not overfill the In tray.
    4. Use only one type of paper at a time. Do not mix different types of paper.
    5. If you suspect the paper to be the cause for the paper jam, try another type of paper. Use only supported paper by your printer.
    6. Slide the paper width guide and paper length guide firmly against the media. This will prevent the media from skewing or jamming in the mechanism.

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    Re: How to prevent printer paper jams

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