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Thread: Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

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    Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

    I want to buy a Wireless Keyboard and Mouse for my that I can operate my PC from a sofa/bed relaxing...
    Please suggest some best configuration and deals

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    Re: Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

    You can go for Mini Wireless Keyboard with an infrared technology and PS2 connection in black color at the cost of $45.95.The part number is KBMWB.
    For Wireless Mouse, go for 100 RF' Optical Wireless Mouse.

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    Re: Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

    I would like you to take
    - RF-250 and RF-222 keyboards
    - RF-170 mouse

    Key Features
    1. Long range
    2. Secure
    3. Reliable
    4. Foolproof
    5. Flexible

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    Re: Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

    I will suggest Logitech KB/Mouse combo.
    It will be slightly expensive but very reliable and most have ranges well beyond 10 ft without any problem.

    For prices,you can check, ordering from eBay is safe but there is shipping charges to be paid. Better buy it from the shop.

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