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Thread: Double-Click Problem

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    Double-Click Problem

    Every time I go in "My Computer" on Windows XP and that I "Double-Click with the left button of my mouse to open one of my hard drives is the" Search Results "that appears . To open, I must click with the right button of my mouse and select "Open" which is third in the list. How do I find the "Double-Click with the left button to open it. can someone know the solution for this ?


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    Re: Double-Click Problem

    Open the ‘Control Panel’ and then open the ‘Mouse’ icon to work with the mouse properties. Depending upon the brand and model of mouse as well as the software that was installed, one of the tabs will allow you to access the ‘double-click speed.’

    If things are opening too often that you did not intend, your speed may be set too low. The slower the speed setting, the more likely two separate single-clicks will be confused as a double click. Move the slide bar to a faster setting and use the Test Area to make sure that the new setting is comfortable for your use.

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    Re: Double-Click Problem

    Download the latest mouse drivers from the manufacturer’s Web site (search for ‘mouse drivers’) and install them after uninstalling existing software.

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    Re: Double-Click Problem

    Have you check this mouse on another computer if the same problem follows that means there is problem with mouse and if not then it is most likely a software driver or setting problem.

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