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Thread: XBox Mouse/Keyboard controller ?

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    XBox Mouse/Keyboard controller ?

    Is there XBox Mouse/Keyboard controller available ? If we could use a mouse and keyboard in games like Halo, Halo 2, or any other first person shooters on the XBOX? please information about this thing thanks

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    Re: XBox Mouse/Keyboard controller ?

    Actually there is device available This is a $29 device that lets you plug in a normal PC keyboard and mouse into your XBOX controller port. It lets you map the keys and mouse buttons and mouse-wheel however you want, and even supports the XBOX Live headset.

    This could be a great thing for people like me who just can't aim worth anything usingĀ a controller, and wouldn't mind dedicating some space on the coffee table for the keyboard and mouse setup.

    I haven't seen any reviews of this device, called the SmartJoy FRAG for XBOX, so there's no telling if this will actually work. XBOX games expect the analog pressure-sensitive buttons (the harder you push, the faster you shoot, for example), and that feature and othersĀ cannot be reproduced with a keyboard or mouse.

    • Connect PC Mouse and Keyboard to your Xbox
    • Especially designed for First Person Shooters
    • Supports all keys on Keyboard and Mouse (including Scroll-Wheel)
    • Pre-Installed configurations for most FPS Best Sellers
    • Fully programmable including advanced features such as Deadzone and Mouse Control Inversion
    • Built-in Memory Card slot for compatible peripherals (incl. Headset)
    • Works with any game, even without built-in Mouse + Keyboard support
    • Compatible with all Xbox consoles (US, JPN, PAL)
    • Compatible with standard PS/2 Mice, incl. USB Mice with USB to PS/2 Adapter
    • Compatible with Optical and Wireless Mice
    • Also available for PlayStation2
    • Patent Pending

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    Re: XBox Mouse/Keyboard controller ?

    Check this USB to PS/2 Adapter

    The Belkin USB to PS/2 Adapter allows you to link two PS/2 devices, such as a keyboard and mouse, to a single USB port on your computer. It lets you easily connect a full-size PS/2 keyboard and mouse to your notebook or desktop computer. Two devices can be used simultaneously, and you can plug and unplug devices without rebooting

    • Connects your PS/2 devices to your USB computerConnects your PS/2 devices to your USB computer
    • Supports nearly all popular PS/2 input devices
    • Installs with Plug-and-Play ease
    • Requires no drivers or power supply-just plug in and use
    • Comes with a Belkin Lifetime Warranty

    it is available for $19.99

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