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Thread: My computer suddenly reboot

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    My computer suddenly reboot

    My pc suddenly reboot or only when you start windows!
    Indeed, loading windows crashes (always), and the moment of 5-10 min, reboot or cut (like a unplugged hot PSU ) May LEDs remain lit.

    The temperature of my CPU goes up to 80 , lack of leg heat, I tried to remove a memory sticks whether one of them was faulty. During the loading of windows and before the crash, the light blinks and my keyboard
    Problem of PSU ? Change fan?

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    Re: My computer suddenly reboot

    Make sure the CPU fan runs 80 because it is a lot.
    That is what kind of processor?

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    Re: My computer suddenly reboot

    But a processor does not at this temperature in such a short time. If it was on the first boot everything should work properly. However be sure to set this issue to avoid damaging your CPU advantage.

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