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Thread: Files disappear from Pendrive

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    Files disappear from Pendrive

    Hi friends,

    I have recently bought 32gb Pen drive.I am facing an issue with my pen drive is that whenever i try to put any files it is being stored but as soon as i remove it and try to put back again all my files get disappeared can anyone help me out with this issue.

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    Re: Files disappear from Pendrive

    Try to format in fat32 it on another PC and check if it's working or not if not than i would suggest you to get a replacement for that pen drive.

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    Re: Files disappear from Pendrive

    I was also facing the same issue i tired to do follow few steps and now it's working fine hope it will work for you too.
    1. First Download the Sfotware by clicking on download.

    2. Copy fat32format.exe & paste in system32 Folder.
    3. Now open command prompt c:\fat32format <path of removable media>.

    Now you would be able to see your files which you have putted and can remove your pendrive and put it in another PC also it will be appearing.

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