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Thread: Lian Li pc-A06F Mini Tower Chassis

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    Lian Li pc-A06F Mini Tower Chassis

    Lian Li launches a new cabinet, with a fervor unknown in the middle: the brand launch approximately one box per week, an impressive rate.

    This new model offers PC-A06F a big fan of 140 mm in front suction, rotating at 900 rpm. Another 120 mm fan in the back extraction turbine 1200 rpm. For the rest, the camera retains a classic look at Lian Li, with neat features.

    While the casing is brushed aluminum, but it is distinguished by a redesigned to take a minimum of place: the psu placed in the same processor, which prohibit large sinks CPU, and will particularly emphasize the power to half its size. A rather strange decision, even if the bracket is provided to support the power the longest. Update: It seems that food can enter fully into the housing provided for a sufficiently small heatsink.

    There will always be entitled to the vibration on the hard drives and side doors, and traditional repeater ports on the front. All information on this page, in Lian-Li. The cabinet is recommended at $ 100 excluding tax.

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    Re: Lian Li pc-A06F Mini Tower Chassis

    The Ultimate Workmanship
    Quality is one of the key elements of Lian Li’s products. Lian Li has been manufacturing in Taiwan for more than 20 years and through continual self revision has ensured that the product’s quality meets Lian Li’s high quality workmanship standards.

    Lian Li is famous for their aluminum products. Aluminum is good for heat transfer, and after Lian Li’s unique surface treatments to ensure there are no shape edges which may cut user’s hands. The beauty of Lian Li is that everything within the case is recyclable; thereby ensuring every Lian Li case is made from environmentally friendly material.

    LIAN LI - Excellent Design
    Before starting a products design, Lian Li engineers research more about what end-users want and need. The subsequent enhancement of user friendly features ensures Lian Li users have a pleasant experience with the high standard improvements and high quality construction. That is why Lian Li will always be a leading brand in the IT industry.

    Internal structures are in a unique modular design, with everything arranged and designed to comply with end-users needs making Lian Li products user friendly as well as beautiful. There are no sharp edges inside the cases so users don’t need to worry about cutting their hands on jagged metal edges. The thermal dynamics are considered extensively and every consideration is put into the design to ensure the complete system can working at a lower temperature while still remaining relatively quiet.

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    Re: Lian Li pc-A06F Mini Tower Chassis

    Fine Craft Products
    The idea for creating PC-A06F, is to save user's space, and no need to use poor performance hardware, PC-A06F can fit standard ATX motherboard, power supply and powerful graphics card.

    The backside mounted stanrdard ATX PS/2 power supply unit, user can choose exhaust the hot air out of the chassis or let it working independently, the perfect ballance of space & hardware performance.

    Thermal Solution
    There is a 120mm fan on the top cover, exhaust the hot air out of the system to keep the hot air out of the system. 140mm intake fan fitted in the fornt of the chassis to input cool air through the HDD racks, and feed the cool air to the system, exhausted out by the PSU.

    There is a 140mm exhaust fan at the front of the chassis.The fan is extremely silent and can bring a good volume of air from outside the case.There is a 120mm exhaust fan on the topcover.The fan is extremely silent and can bring a good volume of air out of the case.PC-A06F equipped a vented PCI bracket, it can improve the cooling issue at the lower part of the motherboard.

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    Re: Lian Li pc-A06F Mini Tower Chassis

    User Friendly Design

    • Multi-media port connectors follow international specification standards, with one connector for easy installation.
    • Audio supports HD Audio or AC97 Audio. The dual design is for better compatibility options.
    • All I/O ports on the top cover, allow for easy access, there is also a dust-free cover to protect these connectors.
    • Lian Li patented anti-vibration HDD cage, with anti-vibration kit and special HDD mounting rack. User can easily install the HDD into the cage. And the rubber rings on the HDD, absorb the vibration to stop the noise.
    • PC-A05F's front panel can be easily removed, with all the switches and wires mounted in the chassis, and therefore out of the way.
    • Top cover can be removed via four easy to reach screws. Ideal for modding projects.
    • The case front intake fans has equipped air filter,to stop dust entering the chassis. These air filter were washable, envirnoment friendly
    • The new switch design for CD-ROM cage, user can easily remove CD-ROM without a screws. and Lian-li designer use plastics to absorb the vibration to reduce the noise, make sure steadiness of it.

    Key Features

    • Hand Crafted
    • Made in Taiwan.
    • Hair-line Brushed Anodized Aluminum Finishing.
    • The back mounted stanrdard ATX PS/2 power supply unit
    • Rear 140mm Fan
    • Top 120mm Fan
    • Multi-media I/O ports on top of the case
    • Vented PCI Brackets for improved airflow.
    • Anti-Vibration clips.
    • Anti-Vibration Design
    • Tool-less Optical Drive Mounting Design
    • Removable front panel
    • Removable Top Cover

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    Re: Lian Li pc-A06F Mini Tower Chassis

    • Model PC-A06F
    • Case Type Mid Tower
    • Dimensions 187 x 375 x 490 mm ( W, H, D)
    • Front bezel Material Aluminum
    • Color Silver / Black
    • Side Panel Aluminum
    • Body Material Aluminum
    • Net Weight 3.8kg
    • 5.25" drive bay (External) 4
    • 3.5" drive bay (External)
    • 3.5" drive bay (Internal) 3
    • Expansion Slot 7
    • Motherboard ATX, M-ATX
    • System Fan (Front) 1 x 140mm fan (900RPM)
    • System Fan (Top) 1 x 120mm fan (1000RPM)
    • System Fan (Rear)
    • I/O Ports USB2.0 x 2, HD+AC97 Audio

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