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Thread: hard drive error codes

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    unsure hard drive error codes

    I have a dell 1525 laptop with a 320 gb hd. I ran the onboard hd diagnostics today. I got three error codes on various or tests.

    I got a code of 0F00:1A44 on the verify test.

    I got a code of 0F00:0244 on the read test.

    I got a code of 0F00:076D on the smart long self test.

    does anyone know what those codes mean? Is my drive going bad quickly?

    I will back up my data tomorrow.If I back it up to a cd or dvd and end up changing drives, will the disk work to reload my files onto the new drive?
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    Re: hard drive error codes

    The error code you listed are hard disk drive error codes. This usually means that the hard drive needs to be replaced. The bad hard drive might also be having an affect on the startup, you might try removing it too. Without actually seeing it, it is hard to tell for sure what might be causing the black screen problem, it may be a bad backlight on the screen.

    If you have important data on the hard drive, depending on how bad the hard drive is, you could also find someone to pull what recoverable data they can off of it.

    You could always take it to a computer tech and have them evaluate it for you.

    Best of luck.

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    Re: hard drive error codes

    This kind of errors do occur in dell or other laptops:

    The main thing you want to do after getting this error code is to try rescuing your files. I mean backup all your files, but there are always some files stored on the damaged disk that you want to keep

    I used a utility called ERD Commander 2002,it's the most current version is ERD Commander 2005.
    you can get it from
    This utility makes it possible to boot from my CD/DVD-drive and to run a basic version of my OS. Then you could copy all my files to an external USB device, even if you sometimes got error messages about bad files .

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    Re: hard drive error codes

    Error code 0F00:044 seems to be a recurrent problem on Dell machines, I'll suggest you the following:

    Use Maxtor's Powermax program. This is a more powerful program the 'chkdsk /r' tool.

    This is same error generally which occurs; Try to get into windows after using diagonistics, then insert reinstallation cd, and 'chkdsk /r' tool, and back up files onto any device and then used Maxtor's program. It finds the problem and fixed HDD errors that 'chkdsk' missed.

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    Re: hard drive error codes

    you should boot from a cd based operating system, then access and retrieve your files from there.
    it could be that the hard drive has developed bad sectors and most of the operating system is on those sectors, and you'll be able to at least get most of your client data.

    The alternative is to mount your hard drive in another system that is working, and then access the files from there.

    if this doesn't make sense to you, then bring the computer to a professional.

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    Re: hard drive error codes

    in order to even attempt to get your data off: you will need to purchase a converter cage to convert the laptop hard drive into a drive that can be plugged into the desktop or laptop externally.(they have different ways of being hooked up) an example can be found here:

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    smile Re: hard drive error codes

    Hello to everyone and thanks for all of the quick replies and great advice.

    I made a set of dvds with all of my important stuff on them last night. Do I still need to transfer everything to my desktop?

    Winternals has been bought out by Microsoft and their products are no longer available for sale.

    I will download the Powermax utility and use it today.

    My stepson has a 1525 also. I can put my hard drive in his and make another copy of my data but that might not gain me anything. In the worst case, I have a good friend who is an old computer guy and he’ll help me if need be.

    Instead of a converter cage, can I use a USB-USB transfer cable with PC Link software? I actually already have two of the converter enclosures but they’re not set up for SATA drives.

    If Dell ends up sending me a new drive, will it already be partitioned? If not, is Partition Magic the best software for that? Will Vista’s disk management work as well? If I set up a partition for a recovery (D) drive can I just install a copy of XP or Vista directly onto it?

    Thanks again to everyone. Your help is greatly appreciated. Have a great day.


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