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Thread: B&W CCM 816 In-Ceiling speaker features

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    B&W CCM 816 In-Ceiling speaker features

    buying the punchy Kevlar® bass/midrange drive unit from B&W’s legendary 800 Series, the CCM816 in-ceiling speaker, a smaller version of the
    CCM818, is designed for home theatre or 2-channel applications. Fitted at a 28 degree angle, the 6.5 inch driver units enable the optimum listening axis
    to be directed more towards the listening area. This improves sound quality and imaging in a way that normal ceiling speakers cannot offer.

    The CCM816 is a two-way speaker, with a woven Kevlar® driver for the bass and midrange. This technology is utilized on many of B&W’s most-respected speakers, but here a blue finish makes it less attention grabbing than our traditional yellow cones. This 6.5 inch driver means the CCM816 is more compact than the 8 inch equipped CCM818, but shares the excellent sound quality rarely found in a custom installation speaker.

    It’s a two-way speaker with a woven Kevlar driver for the bass and midrange. The CCM816 features a 6.5-inch driver, a 1-inch tube-loaded aluminum tweeter and two drivers set at a 28-degree angle to focus the sound on the optimum listening position, which allows the speaker to focus sound on the optimum listening position. However, as with the CCM818, some smart engineering allows the CCM816 to achieve this angle while at the same time sitting flush with the ceiling for a truly discreet finish.

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    Re: B&W CCM 816 In-Ceiling speaker features

    Technical features

    Angled tweeter and bass/mid driver
    Woven Kevlar® bass/midrange driver
    Nautilus™ tube-loaded tweeter

    2-way in-ceiling/wall speaker system

    Drive units
    1x ř25mm (1 in) (black anodised) tube-loaded
    aluminium dome high-frequency
    1x ř165mm (6.5 in) woven (blue) Kevlar® cone bass/midrange

    Frequency range
    -6dB at 45Hz and 45kHz

    Frequency response
    49Hz-22kHz ±3dB on reference axis

    88dB spl (2.83V, 1m)

    Nominal impedance
    8Ω (minimum 4.7Ω)

    Crossover frequency

    Recommended amplifier power
    150W continuous into 8Ω on unclipped programme

    Frame size
    Diameter: 228mm (9in)

    2.7kg (4lb)

    Semi-matt white suitable for customising or pre-painting

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