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Thread: USB Digital Receiver

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    USB Digital Receiver

    I have a question about a USB receiver for DVB-T TV signals. This is a USB device that you can attach to your computer, and you may receive some stations.

    I have 3 questions about:

    1. You should not be too far from a DVB-T transmitter station, is itself about 22 km from the nearest station (20 KW transmission power), is this too far for a good reception?

    2. On some sites I read that such devices only allow 1,2,3 and regional broadcasters to receive, and I also read somewhere that other commercial channels you can receive, what is true?

    3. Makes it very much difference in these products if I have a very expensive or take a cheap?

    I am a layman in this area, so thank you so much already!

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    Re: USB Digital Receiver

    There must be a smart card of the kpn if possible. Otherwise, you will receive only the public channels and local broadcasters. As far as I know you can do such a device in kpn purchase, hence the coded channels to handle.

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