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Analog video capture

Hardware Peripherals

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Old 16-12-2008
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Analog video capture


I intend to digitize analog video, so it lasts.
They are not commercial films but family videos, so the quality of the catch is important, more than the price.
I do not want to pay for the software that includes, because we got him, but by the hardware on the machine acquisition.
I do not need to also capture digital video, not because I got it.
Whatever the needs of PC hardware, then I updating.
Any help?
Thank you very much.

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Old 16-12-2008
Join Date: May 2008
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Re: Analog video capture

Obviously you need is an acquisition card converting analog / digital. Tb can do with a TV capture but the quality will be much lower.
As for the software, any acquisition card carries its own test some applications in x days. Even so of course you can use the software you want.
The features of your PC, particularly should be optimal in terms of processor speed and memory.
The characteristics you need to consider are:
1) conversion: usually NTSC / PAL
2) Compatibility: usually DV, miniDV, VHS / VCR and analogue cameras
Capture: full screen (from 720 * 480)
4) Entries: usually s-video and composite video
5) formats: in vcd: Video: 1150 kbps, codecs: mpeg1

in dvd: video: 5mbps, condecs: mpeg2 vbr

These are the characteristics optimal for a decent catch, you can find much better media, and it depends on the quality you want to get.
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Old 16-12-2008
Join Date: May 2008
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Re: Analog video capture

Just add a few points to the wonderful information.

- There are cards that compress hardware, and others not. Those who do not are called "compression software," which is nothing other than the additional compression that has to do with the software that catches ... So, with the compression hardware you're taking away an important weight to the tasks of microprocessor, and your catch will tend to be better, not losing frames, took absence, and that is not desynchronizing audio and video among other things.

- The Pinnacle are quite good, although I had problems when capturing with certain programs, even from the soft from the acquisition. Anyway I could always use a program called "GraphEdit", and thanks to capture him. Then with another program (in my case "VirtualDub") and adjust it as you like (this crop, change the size, apply filters to improve image, it compresses the video to fit on a cd ... etc.).

- Another thing that influences the catch is the speed of your hard drive.The people who are professionally dedicated to the theme uses SCSI hard disks, and are so fast because they require a special controller to the system of releasing much of the work. If you do not have a SCSI, a hard disk of the most brand new, 7200 RPM (revolutions per minute) with supports of Ultra ATA. Do not forget that the file system of that hard drive must be NTFS, FAT or FAT32 if you do not allow files larger than 4 gigabytes, and you may catch your stay in half.

Cheers and good luck.
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