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Thread: PC for 3D animation

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    PC for 3D animation

    The software uses a "dream image" or something like is to create images / payasages 3D, which requires a minimum of resources. It would also work with dual screen that future PC.
    Here's what I get for the moment, what do you think?

    - Antec Nine Hundred Case with 520W power CORSAIR HX Series, or box Antec Sonata III with food Earthwatts 500 Watts understood or Sonata Plus 550 with food NeoPower 550 W Watts understood.
    - Motherboard ASUS P5Q3
    - Processor Intel Core 2 Duo 3.16GHz E8500
    - Memory DDR3 4GB [2x2GB] DDR1600 (PC3-12800) - CORSAIR DHX
    - Graphics card ASUS Extreme AH4850 1G
    - SATA300 500GB Hard Drive - 7200 WESTERN Caviar GP (16MB)
    - DVD player SATA 8.5GB DVD ± RW Lightscribe SAMSUNG

    Thank you in advance for your answers.

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    Re: PC for 3D animation

    I do not know the "dream image" but to 3D wonder if I would not be better:

    box: Antec Nine Hundred Case with 520W power CORSAIR HX Series
    CM: Asus P5Q simply
    CPU: Q6600 + vendetta2 for OC => quad core very suitable for 3D
    CG: ATI FireGL ™ V3600 256 MB (pro card at cheap)
    RAM: OCZ DDRII 2 x 2 GB PC6400 Reaper Edition
    HD: Samsung F1 (your ability to taste / budget)
    recorder: pioneer

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    Re: PC for 3D animation

    . Housing: according to taste, but if you want silence, rather pars on the sonata III,
    . CM: no need to go on a CM DDR3-based, the gain is negligible on platforms based C2duo, and extra large. Pars instead on a P5Q.
    . DDR: the DDR2 (from the PC 6400, without concern). with a 32-bit OS, you Affairs approx. 3.25 max, with a 64-bit, your 4GB will be recognized.
    . CG: a 4850 seems to be a good choice.
    . last but not least: the CPU. The E8500 is very good, but may be verified if its software is optimized for the quad (it may be the case for a 3D application).

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    Re: PC for 3D animation

    I use 3D programs all the time. Both modeling and animating. My computer has a Intel Core 2 Duo 2.00ghz processor, Nvidia 8600 GTS video card, 2 gigs DDR3 ram, and dual screen samsung Syncmaster 940B monitors. It does the job and more!
    BTW, I use TrueSpace 7.6 for my 3D stuff.

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