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Thread: HardDisk with bad sectors

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    HardDisk with bad sectors

    Hello to all,

    In recent days that I try to reinstall the OS on a 80 Gb Maxtor HDD (tried with 2 different XP CD) with the presence of errors during installation.Through another PC I formatted and checked several times with scandisck. The file system seems OK.
    possibility may be that there are, however, sector or cluster damaged?
    Rid of mice show a utility to check it properly?
    Thank you.

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    Re: HardDisk with bad sectors

    1 Try format completely?
    2 tries to restore the file system type program with gparted or partition magic
    3 test a small Windows partition type 10GB and the rest for data so that the OS "tighten the circle" of the areas
    4 check if hard disk taken a marked by Pc (type packard bell) so if the hard disk has not re-create the file system (gparted helps us in this).

    These are the tests that I would do it, but maybe you will know more than me ..

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    Re: HardDisk with bad sectors

    Try using another Hard Disk, even an old 6 GB, if you still could be finding an errors of IDE cable, motherboard, RAM, CPU or even an over-too stringent or a cooling of the CPU, try to remove and replace RAM.
    To test the disk to analyze the data SMART, simply that the BIOS active SMART for that disc, if you have problems with error stops during the POST.

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