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Thread: Ethernet Card Drivers

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    Ethernet Card Drivers

    Hi friendz,

    I cannot connect to my Live Box as i dont have any Ethernet Card drivers.

    This is my card Ethernet card Broadcom NEXTREME gigabyte ethernet.
    My computer earlier was running on Windows Server 2000 and recently i have formatted my machine to Win Xp and i forget to take the back up of the drivers. And now i am unable to find the drivers from Ethernet Card.

    I have try my level to search on Google but i am unable to find it.

    Please help me..

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    Re: Ethernet Card Drivers

    Normally for a simple ethernet card XP should install itself generic drivers at startup, after installing the card into its slot.

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    Re: Ethernet Card Drivers

    Did you try getting Drivers from the Manufacturer Websites?

    Try out this Broadcom

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