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Thread: No Hard Disk Found

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    No Hard Disk Found

    Unable to install XP, "no" hard drive??

    A flash BIOS is the cause, I think!
    Laptop without floppy drive, but a boot with usb possible.
    I search info all day and I feel somewhat lost !!!!!

    I really need your help guys please .

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    Re: No Hard Disk Found

    If you get this error message when trying to install Windows XP on a laptop on which Windows Vista was installed, your concern is probably related to AHCI. Vista supports native XP but need a driver to manage it.

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    Re: No Hard Disk Found

    The original vista installed but I managed to save XP after a format.
    I missed some drivers of the motherboard, wifi ... and I made a flash BIOS. Do not ask me why I do not know !!!!! That, by my mistakes, I have nothing more!
    Thank you for your help

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    Re: No Hard Disk Found

    It should try to install the sata drivers. To do this you have two options:

    - Either you have a floppy drive on the laptop and in this case that you created a floppy disk containing drivers sata and press F6 to launch the Windows installation (when you have to press the button indicated in the bottom of the screen).
    - Either you do not have a floppy drive in which case you have to integrate the drivers on the Windows XP CD using the software Nlite

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