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Thread: My printer is stupid (Epson R360)

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    My printer is stupid (Epson R360)

    I purchased an Epson Stylus Photo R360 because I had seen a transcript of it before where it was just as impressive.

    the printer is stupid to print pictures. I have a 8mpx picture as I would like to be printed by my son of 7 months, each time to be printed hair is something strange pixel law no. the same with a reddish color. All other colors are ok. Any ideas?

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    Often when you see a sample transcript, it is quite in top settings. They will be run at the highest quality and are usually also played a bit refinements in the printer control panel, comes on top of the paper that is used. A good sales ploy to lure unfortunately far too many in the trap.

    But it will not help you very much, you are indeed with the problem now and here. The only thing I can advise you is to test the control panel of your printer. There usually are some settings where you can adjust the quality, paper type and effects to the printout.

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