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Thread: Reprogramming the memory of a printer

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    Reprogramming the memory of a printer


    My printer does not work, is a Canon PIXMA ip1600, whenever I try to print a message that says, remove the devices from scrap, the opening and retired, it got another, but was always giving that message.

    Someone told me he would have to reprogram the memory of the printer, how.

    Wait the answer, thank you very much.

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    Well here I give you some guidelines to follow for solutions so that your printer is something that you hope will serve as general

    A) Reset and reset the ink by hand to the printer in the series (1000, 1200, 1300, 1600, and 1700 PIXMA of canon)

    1. Turn the printer off and disconnect the power cord. (Always connected the USB cable)
    2. Press and hold the POWER button, and connect the power cable.
    3. The indicator (LED) must be green.
    4. Press and release the RESUME button, the indicator (LED) should be orange.
    5. Press and release the RESUME button, the indicator (LED) must be green.
    6. Release the power button. "turn the head starts to move and win will recognize the printer"

    Note: for the printer 1500, the only difference from the previous steps will be to find the USB cable is disconnected.

    B) Reset the counters of ink or EPROM with the software of the series (1000-1200-1300-1600-1700 of CANON PIXMA):

    1) Download the software to reset the counters of ink or EPROM.
    2) Decompressing with winrar
    3) Double-click the file "general Tool"
    4) Click on the option USB port "just have to see an available port"
    5) Click on the button MAIN
    6) Click on the button PLATE
    7) Click on the button QUIT

    Note: For the case of the printer IP 1500, the difference is that before implementing the above steps must connect the USB cable.

    On the other hand they also can occur after running the software and manual reset as follows:

    So what we should do is this:

    1) Hold the button to add role for a minute, until you restart the counters of ink.
    2) when the head is moved for the first time, release the button to add paper, then when the head stops moving, re-pressing until you move again.
    Note: This will be done when the printer is usually switched on, just after we have made steps complete reset as outlined above.

    Well I hope this serves you.

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    I am very grateful for the guidance you gave me, and that was the solution to the problem of the printer. Excuse abuse, but I have another printer Canon S200 also would like to reset the page but in the reset does not appear that model.

    thank you very much !!

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