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Thread: Bose Companion 2

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    Bose Companion 2

    Which should I buy to have a system of speakers for portable?
    These are my choices, what is the best? (not all are precisely the same quality and range...but those are that i like).
    • JBL creatures 2

    • Harman kardon sound sticks 2

    • Klipsch ProMedia GMX A-2.1

    • Bose Companion 2

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    So as mentioned in the title, are you considering Bose companion 2 over others. I feel obliged to give you this advice: DO NOT BUY THE BOSE COMPANION 2. I bought and it were really a huge disappointment. Sound delivers little power and poor quality. I bought the logitec with which I doubt better. Opt for Creative or something that has real experience in media but the Bose leave stay ... REALLY!

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    I am having some doubts over my options.
    • JBL creatures-2 (the only ones that I have heard live, and I seemed as good system. But have also seen lot of criticism)

    • Harman kardon sound sticks 2 (Nos. frankly I like aesthetically, but they say they are very good)

    • Klipsch ProMedia GMX A-2.1 (such as audio quality are best companion 2?)

    • Bose companion-2 (the fact that Nos have the sub woofer, the bose serve penalizes a little than the other? Then: max volume is high or low?)

    Yes, I am preferring Bose....but only to make cool with my friends. Dont know much about Harman kardon and Klipsch but I fear that to save some bucks, i will lose the best.

    My room is big enough and then I need to get to shake the building ... but have excellent low and high crystal and consequently a range bodied and clean to a level of average volume.

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    Quote Originally Posted by garfield1 View Post
    Yes, I am preferring Bose....but only to make cool with my friends.
    I take the responsibility to advise Klipsch. Already its mark is a guarantee.

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