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Thread: what is a boot device

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    sad what is a boot device

    Help please I turned on my computer and it comes on with enter boot device
    saying hard drive floppy cd drive or network drive. I try clicking on all and nothing happens I dont haave a windows floppy to reinstall. I dont know what has happened as everything was ok yesterday thanks desperate and urgent helkp needed

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    Don't you have the hard drive on your pc? Is it working properly? Check it by opening the case of your pc and also check the cables and fix them tightly. After that try to boot again and see what happens.

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    Yogesh Guest
    Boot device is any hardware from where Windows finds the necessary files to load itself, which is actually called as booting process. Boot device can be a hard drive, CD drive, Network drive, etc.

    Assuming yours initial boot device to be hard drive, there are 2 possibilities. The Windows files might have got corrupted or the corresponding hard drive sector might have got corrupted. Had you or anybody else tried anything with the BIOS setting? Just go to the BIOS setting when the Windows start by pressing 'Delete' key and check in the Advance BIOS setting what is the first & second boot device. If there is anything other than CD drive or hard drive, then change it to CD drive as the first boot device and hard drive as second boot device.

    Caution: If you dont know how to change BIOS setting, then get it done from a technician or ask the procedure here, otherwise you may mess up with the BIOS settings which can be harmful.

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    What i can say you need to select a boot device for your computer.
    You can check your boot device in your bios setup! & select an appropriate option ie. your hard disk on which your operating system must be installed.

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