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Thread: Front panel USB is not working why?

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    Front panel USB is not working why?

    My basic problem is why aren't the usb ports on the front panel of the computer working- when all of them on the back are. I thought they were all connected (obviously not).
    This front panel USB always worked before, BUT a few months ago the CD drive died and it was sent back for repair and they had to install a new dvd, maybe that messed it up? Device manager reports everything is working properly. But it does not see any device connected to that port, (digicam, external dvd etc.)
    All devices work fine on laptop USB port as well as back panel USB port of my pc. What can i do?

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    You are right. It is impossible to connect the Front USB wrong.
    I was reading something a couple of weeks ago where there is no set standard for front usb connections and some m/b pins do not match up with the case
    I think it was on the asus forum where someone had shorted out their m/b when they plugged their usb in the front slots.

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    Sandesh, i would first uninstall all the drivers for the usb hubs and ports you have on your machine in device manager, restart the machine and see if windows autodetects them all and see if your front panel USB works then.
    If not then it has to be the connection problem of your front USB & the motherboard connection. A bad connection may be the cause of your problem. I suggest you to open the case if you are comfortable inside the case & have a look at the connection on your motherboard.

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    Thanks for the quick reply friends i will open the case & have a look around the connections as soon as my friend comes to my place.
    Thanks once again!

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