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Thread: External hard disks hangs my pc

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    External hard disks hangs my pc


    My problem is that I have an external hard disk of 250 gigabytes, whenever I plug in to pc it hangs and there is no way, other than I have to disconnect it from the pc or to shut down the pc . When I tried in a friend's house and on his computer its working properly so I guess it's hard drive is well and that the problem is with my computer. I am using Windows XP (sp2) ...
    Does anyone have any idea and you help?

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    I suppose that disk is powered by external transformer, try it in other USB ports (in the rear better) connects with the computer turned on and disconnect before shutting down the computer by "safely remove hardware", because if you do not thus making the system may have trouble returning to detect. You should go to the Device Manager reinstall usb and return to restart your computer to detect and configure the Windows again and see if you detect it again.


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    Thank for the reply,

    The computer detects it makes the sound when you plug something and get the message that has found new hardware. when it hangs, you can move the mouse, but you can not click anywhere, control alt shift not working and there is no way.
    Uninstall the usb and restart to be reinstalled, but after that is still the same.
    I can not return to a previous restore point because more than one month has past.

    Please help me

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