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Thread: Error in transfering the files

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    Error in transfering the files

    I bought a new HDD that I want to use as disk Boot .I want to transfer data from my old HDD Boot (Win XP Pro) on the new HDD

    So I put the two HDD in two external casing and I plugged the usb on a laptop (Windows XP Pro) then I transfer the data to another disc .

    after transferring some files i got a error msg 'unable to move the file ..."

    what to do now< is my hdd are broken or is something else ? any advice
    thank you for your help

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    Dr. V Guest
    you have to make an image of your old disk on your new one , with Ghost or equivalent, a simple copy will not work.

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    is Ghost a free ware or not?, I do not think so it is!
    it is freeware that can do this kind of thing namely an image?
    please reply

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    If you had You have Linux ther would be lot of free solution for you but there is little solution in Windows

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