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    Vista Compatible Software


    That made from now on more than 4 months that Windows Vista is available in the trade after all was not pink in the transition towards the new version from Windows. Side of the software, one would be tempted to say, at first sight, that the situation is a little better, the majority of the editors having crossed the step of Windows Vista, and certain software, if they do not post an “official” compatibility, functions without apparent problem. Nevertheless, nobody is safe from problems and other major software still causes some concern. In short, it is still difficult to be found there, as with each launching of a new version of Windows (or of any operating system).

    We propose to you a selection of the principal software compatible with Windows Vista. It is not an exhaustive list: it is extremely probable that tens of other software do not pose any problem with the new version of Windows, as it is probable that certain software which seem to function can contain some bugs in precise cases. The officially compatible software is not besides with the shelter: one remembers the first version of Adobe Reader announced like compatible with Vista.Nevertheless, all the software presented in the following pages did not pose to us problems during our use.

    Graphics and multi-media

    On the level of the final improvement of image or multi-media reading of files, all are not placed with the same sign and some bugs can remain. Thus, a software as The Gimp functions overall, but presents a rather awkward defect: in the unrolling menus, the entry is posted in white on white zone! We also noted many bugs affecting XNView on our machines of test. Side of the multi-media reading, DivX still poses some problems: the coder DivX Converter is not compatible and DivX Player decontaminates the Aero interface. Nevertheless, the codec seems to function…after a fashion on the other hand some applications which seem to behave correctly.

    PhotoFiltre, the free software of final improvement shines by simplicity and one is charmed to note that, even if its interface is not especially adapted to the new version of Windows, it functions with wonder and does not seem to suffer from least the bug. The paying version, which adds many functionalities of which the management of the copies, was updated recently and version 9.0 of Photofiltre Studio is officially compatible with Windows Vista.

    Paint .NET
    No problem either for Paint.NET whose version 3.0 is officially compatible Windows Vista. Let us recall that this software, initially conceived to propose an advanced version of the Paint antique integrated into Windows since the night of times, proposes in fact a solution of final improvement of complete image, integrating the management of the copies and many adjustments. The need, as the name of the software indicates it, for resorting to the .NET Framework 2.0 will displease with some but it should be recalled that under Windows Vista, this last is integrated.

    After many stammerings, iTunes is finally compatible Vista, not without to have had to resort to a patch of Windows correcting a rather awkward problem being able to corrupt the data of a iPod. Integration with Windows Vista is minimal but clean: the interface obtains in particular the standard buttons of window. Even if the software always suffers from a certain heaviness in its Windows version, it seems to us that the users of iPod and iTunes can from now on pass to Vista without major concern.

    Winamp and Foobar 2000
    As regards two reader snuffed by the audiophiles and the allergic ones to iTunes, no problem seems on the agenda. Winamp functions without concern and foobar2000 posts openly its compatibility with Windows Vista. Some bugs or optimizations can still be of topicality but we did not note any anomaly for a current use.

    Gom Player
    Side of the videos, we can recommend GOM Player, whose last version deals with Windows Vista, and who can act as universal reader so much its compatibility with multiples codecs is large. Moreover, contrary to readers like VLC or Media Player Classic, of which the interface is rather rudimentary, GOM Player proposes at the same time sober and pleasant skins. No desactivation of Aero is to be noted, in short, all seems to function for this Korean reader.

    Navigators, transport and VOiP

    On the level of applications Internet, the largest unknown factor to date remains Skype, whose version officially compatible with Windows Vista was still not announced. It is difficult to come to a conclusion about the subject, testimonys varying according to users'. Nevertheless, the indexed problems seem sufficiently numerous so that mistrust is of setting.

    Firefox and Thunderbird
    Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird post their compatibility with Windows Vista in their versions 2.0 and in a case as in the other, no problem is noted. On the other hand, it is necessary well to acknowledge that the assumption of responsibility is rather minimalist and the interface not very well with the topic owing to lack of Windows Vista, even if no inconsistency seems to be visible, contrary to The Gimp.

    Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo Messenger
    Naturally, Windows Live Messenger is entirely compatible. Nevertheless, it still missed with the interface the “Vista touch”. It is from now on made thing, at least almost since version 8.5 is still at the stage of beta. Nevertheless, it raises already an interface which is based with wonder with the operating system.

    Side of Yahoo Messenger, a version especially designed for Windows Vista is in preparation, and should fully benefit from Aero. Nevertheless, Yahoo specifies that the current version of Yahoo Messenger is also compatible with Windows Vista.

    Opera does not pose any problem under Windows Vista even if the compatibility is not announced on the site of the editor. The software functions perfectly and no bug seems to appear. One will be able in the worst case considering it regrettable that its interface by defect swears a little with Aero (the topic of Windows can always be activated but that does not arrange really the things) Mis besides these aesthetic considerations, nothing does not prevent the use of the navigator to the daily newspaper.
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    On the level of the antiviruses and other continuations of safety, compatibility is of setting in the majority of the cases. The editors of antivirus were enough reactive to publish compatible versions Vista of their software. One also finds some utilities major for the optimization of the PC or the defragmentation of the discs.

    Antivirus Kaspersky and Internet Security
    Kaspersky Lab provided rather quickly a free update of its two software Kaspersky Antivirus and Kaspersky Internet Security for Windows Vista. Compatibility is thus total but version 7 of the range (available soon) is even further while giving the interface to the style of the day (and with the colors of Vista), and offering a total compatibility with the versions 32 bits and 64 bits of Windows Vista. This version 7 will be free besides for the users having a still valid licence of version 6.

    Avast, AVG and Antivir: free antiviruses
    No concern for the three free antiviruses, all compatible with Windows Vista, That one is accustomed to avast! , Antivirus Antivir Personal Edition 7 or AVG, one will be able to thus pass without concern towards the new version of Windows without having to use a competing product.

    TuneUp Utilities
    TuneUp Utilities gathers several tools making it possible to optimize various aspects of its PC and in particular the base of register which tends to swell with the wire of the installations and reinstallations. Very simple to use and powerful, the software recently opened in Windows Vista via a free update for the recorded users. This version proposes in particular a complete integration with “famous” the control of the accounts users (UAC), and an assumption of responsibility of the Aero interface. Other modules of the software see their wide compatibility with Windows Vista: the data base of identification of the programs recognizes the applications of the system and the module TuneUp SystemControl is him also compatible.

    Defragmentation: O&O, Diskeeper and JKDefrag
    Defragmenter its disk hard is always of topicality with Windows Vista, and extremely fortunately, O&O Defrag and Diskeeper two of the knowledge robots in this category profit from officially compatible updates. The two versions profit from better performances and interfaces adapted to Vista, O&O Defrag using even the appearance of Office 2007.

    A little less convivial but also compatible Vista, jkDefrag is an excellent free defragmentor with the rudimentary interface but with the recognized effectiveness. Small more: he functions in saver mode of screen and proposes options advanced in line of order.

    Engraving: Nero and Easy Creator Media
    The “heavy lorries” of engraving under Windows which are Roxio Easy Media Creator and Nero lay out both of compatible versions Vista. One likes or one hates their many functionalities (some will speak about gas works) but this software nevertheless impossible to circumvent for general public had any interest to be quickly compatible with Windows Vista, which is the case.
    Parallel to Windows Vista, Microsoft published the new version of Office which profits from new functionalities and an entirely re-examined and corrected interface. For the users who do not have the means of buying the office automation continuation of Microsoft, is entirely compatible with Windows Vista, its catch of load having even been officialized with version 2.2. Accustomed free continuation can thus continue to profit from it without concern while passing to Vista, and the purchasers of a new PC can profit from a continuation complete, functional, and proposing a good compatibility with the documents of Microsoft Office.


    As we specified it to you, the list of the software compatible with Windows Vista is difficult to establish, unless testing each software deeply. Nevertheless, the report which is essential is rather positive: except some delays with starting (iTunes, Skype, DivX…), one can note that the software publishers, the “large ones” like the independent ones, are as a whole rather reactive. The editors of antivirus, in particular, quickly proposed compatible updates, and which more is free, their software.

    We systematically test all the new software under Windows Vista from the exit of this last. If however, you meet bugs on certain software of this list, or over other software announced like compatible with Windows Vista, do not hesitate to announce your discovery to us.

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